Condoleezza Rice: 30 Rock Guest Appearance

Tina Fey recently revealed that we can expect a 30 Rock guest appearance by none other than Condoleezza Rice, former Secretary of State under President George W. Bush. She became a part of the story during season one of the show when it was revealed that she was Jack Donaghy’s ex-lover.

Condoleezza Rice

During the first season of 30 Rock, Alec Baldwin’s character Jack Donaghy revealed that he’d had an affair with a ‘high ranking African-American in the Bush Administration’ and that he had become upset when she was seen snoozing with Vladimir Putin. They eventually broke up because his character said they weren’t compatible. If you remember, European heads of state flat out LOVED Condi Rice, especially when she walked around over there in those leather boots she wore. Jack Straw, her British counterpart practically drooled in her presence. But that may or may not be beside the point.

Now Tina Fey has revealed that Condoleezza Rice has filmed a guest appearance on the show as Jack Donaghy’s ex-girlfriend.

No word on when the Condoleezza Rice 30 Rock guest appearance episode will air. But it should be good.

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