DVD Review: Brittany Murphy’s Last Film ABANDONED

Filmed in June 2009 with a very good cast of actors, ABANDONED sadly became the last film before the untimely death of Brittany Murphy in December. ABANDONED also pretty well describes what happened to this interesting thriller by Anchor Bay pictures who abandoned theatrical release of the film and instead went directly to DVD with the film. While not a great picture, ABANDONED manages to spin a unique thriller where you can’t figure out where the story is headed. ABANDONED is a strange film that treads new ground as it spins a story.

The character played by Brittany Murphy brings a recent boyfriend (Dean Cain) to a hospital for some leg surgery, but he soon strangely disappears without any answer and without any explanation as a detective, hospital staff and a psychiatrist all question her sanity. But, the movie takes one more shocking twist when an older man claims that her boyfriend has been kidnapped and forces her to steal from her bank to cover the huge ransom. All of this leads to a shocking truth in the end. An utterly unpredictable thriller that’s not a classic by any means, yet a unique movie experience as well as one last chance to see actress Brittany Murphy perform her craft.

The Bottom Line: While hardly a great film, yet a very unique mystery thriller with enough unpredictable twists and turns to be fascinating to watch for a viewing. ++1/2 (Two stars, or better than fair, or just a hair less than good. Not a bad final film by Brittany Murphy. Not a classic, but a reasonably good movie experience. BTW, here’s the rare theatrical poster that was never used).

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