La Salle University Professor Jack Rappaport Suspended For Hiring Lap Dancers For Ethics Class

La Salle University Professor Jack Rappaport has been suspended for hiring lap dancers for an ethics class. It was actually an extra-credit symposium on business ethics.

Lap Dance

Students at the Catholic La Salle University got the opportunity to get some extra-credit in one of their business ethics classes. All they had to do was pay out $150 and watch their 57-year-old professor get a lap dance from 3 ‘scantily clad strippers’ while a power-point presentation on business ethics played in the background. The students could get lap dances themselves if they wanted.

According to Professor Rappaport’s page on the La Salle University website:

I try to enrich my teaching by using interesting real life applications such as the use of the horse race betting market in the teaching of statistics.

I’m not sure how lap dancing teaching statistics but I’m sure if you are creative enough you could come up with something to tie those things in together. Somehow. Maybe it has to do with long division or subtraction.

The students say they were IN SHOCK! So shocked they couldn’t move and had to sit through the whole thing! The professor is suspended pending an investigation by the university and not answering calls. The university is saying ‘please don’t rush to judgement till we have all the facts’ (or something to that affect). Translate that to mean, ‘Dear Donors, please give us a minute to come up with a spin an explanation for this.’

We never had that kind of naughty show and tell in my college. Well, not in classes anyway.

You can see a news report about the lap dancing business ethics class in the video below.

La Salle University Professor Jack Rappaport
Suspended For Hiring Lap Dancers For Ethics Class

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  • Paul Hooson

    Some stories sure rub a guy the right way. But, seriously, it’s more than outrageous to think that some professor at any college found a new way for the college to pay for his lap dances. That money you have to earn yourself or else marry a lap dancer.

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