Lady Gaga Monster Fall Video!

Lady Gaga took a monster fall during her Monster’s Ball concert in Houston last night and it was caught on video (below).

Lady Gaga Falls Down

Lady Gaga may have fallen down, flat on her back, but she didn’t miss a beat while singing ‘You and I’ in Houston last night.

Check out some Lady Gaga photos.

It happened when she tried to leap from her burning piano to the piano stool. The piano stool slipped and turned over and Lady Gaga went crashing to the floor landing flat on her back under the keyboard. She kept singing and worked her way back to her feet on the stilts she wears and all was good in the end.

I’m glad she wasn’t hurt, but sorry, that’s just funny.

One of her Little Monsters caught the Lady Gaga monster fall on video which you can see below.


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