THE JUDDS Reality Series Premiere Upstaged By Ashley Judd Sex Abuse Stories And Book

Ashley Judd has managed to upstage her mother and half-sister with the release of her new book and her allegations of sexual abuse including by a close male family member. The story has upstaged the two hour long Sunday night premiere on OWN of THE JUDDS. Oprah Winfrey’s new OWN network had hoped for the premiere of THE JUDDS to present the business and personal relationship of Naomi and Wynonna Judd. However, Ashley Judd’s new book with many explosive allegations now becomes a huge distraction for the show.

Ashley Judd’s new book may not really hurt the ratings of the new show. However, since the new show didn’t intend to deal with the explosive allegations, it puts the show in a tough spot. Should these allegations simply be ignored or should they be dealt with somehow?

Ashley Judd also seemed to rock the waters by name dropping Snoop Dogg and Diddy and blaming them for creating a “rape culture”. But, some of the abuse allegations seem to only involve an older man who kissed her at a pizza place for example, so one has to ask whether Ashley Judd fluffed her stories up a little for sensationalism sake. At any rate, she stole away the spotlight from from mother and half-sister this week and cast an unpredictable shadow on their new show before it even had a chance to premiere.

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  • elixelx

    “…involve an older man who kissed her at a pizza place…”
    Don’t you mean “IN a Pizza Place”?
    Which begs TWO questions:
    “Pizza Place” is a new euphemism for WHICH PART exactly of the female anatomy?
    Was it cheesy?