TBN’s Catholic Priest Fr. Michael Manning Admits To Sexual Relationship With A Cousin

Father Michael Manning, 70, who runs the only Roman Catholic program on the mostly Protestant TBN religious network has admitted to having a sexual relationship with a female second cousin. Certainly, the news is shocking because who knew that Catholic priests had a sexual interest in adult females? However, the priest did have his affair with a cousin just to kink things up, so I guess he gets points for trying to be sordid and twisted after-all.

Manning’s TBN show is entitled “A WORD IN THE WORLD”. However, as a standard practice at TBN once one of their TV preachers gets involved in some sort of pants down or financial scandal, then the show mysteriously disappears from the TBN schedule.

Manning has managed to dismiss the whole scandal by claiming, “That’s the neat thing with Jesus. There can be the chance of starting again”. This translates into “Do anything the hell you want, and just claim the forgiveness of Jesus later to wipe the slate clean”. Well, that’s one hell of a standard isn’t it? Kind of screwed reasoning to justify priests screwing, huh?

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