Paris Hilton Sued for Borrowed Jewels She Won’t Return

Poor Paris Hilton is being sued again. This time she’s being sued for not returning $60,000 worth of borrowed jewels. German insurer Allianz says in their lawsuit that she borrowed the jewels from Manhattan jeweler Damiani in 2007 and she won’t return them.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton, the poor little rich girl who is still looking for a BFF at 30, is being sued by a German insurer for borrowed jewels she won’t return.

According to the lawsuit that was filed in a New York state court on April 6, she has continuously ignored attempts to recover the $60,000 worth of jewels she borrowed in 2007. She borrowed the jewels from Manhattan jeweler Damiani and promised to keep the jewels in a safe or vault when she wasn’t wearing them.

Instead, the lawsuit claims, the jewels were left on a closet shelf in Hilton’s Los Angeles mansion and were stolen along with $2.7 million worth of other jewelry on December 19, 2008 when her home was burglarized. Apparently Hilton didn’t lock up her mansion while she was away at a Christmas party.

Allianz claims that Hilton recovered the jewels and gems that were stolen from her home that night by the Los Angeles police after Allianz had already paid out the insurance claim to Damianis. Since the jewels were recovered and Allianz had paid out the insurance claim, they want the jewels back but Paris is ignoring them.

Allianz is suing Paris Hilton for negligence and breach of contract. Her people are saying the only jewelry that was recovered by the police after the robbery was costume jewelry and she didn’t not get the real gems back as Allianz claims.

Geez Paris. Just pay up. And Lindsay Lohan is in trouble for stealing a couple of thousand dollars worth of jewelry.

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