Keith Urban: ‘Love Got Me Sober’

Keith Urban told Good Weekend magazine that it was the love of his wife, Nicole Kidman, that helped him get sober. How sweet is THAT!

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban

Keith Urban: ‘Love Got Me Sober’

Country singer Keith Urban, 43-years-old, has been clean and sober for 4-years. He famously went in for drug and alcohol abuse treatment shortly after marrying actress Nicole Kidman in 2006. Now they seem to be happily married and have two beautiful little daughters, Sunday Rose Urban and Faith Margaret Kidman Urban.

“I think I’ve spent my life fearful of intimacy,” the Daily Express quoted him as telling Good Weekend magazine.

“The result was a feeling of ‘being without’, this hole I tried to fill with all those other things. The only thing that has really filled it has been the love of my wife and our daughters,” he added.

He wishes he’d met Kidman earlier.

“But the way in which it happened has turned out to be divinely inspired,” he added.

Watch Keith Urban’s ‘Without You’ video.

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