Jennifer Garner Promotes Arthur on Letterman and Jimmy Fallon (Photos, Videos)

Jennifer Garner has been making the rounds on late night shows to promote Arthur. She’s been on David Letterman and Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. She’s talked Russell Brand crotch shots and played beer pong. Check out the photos and videos below.

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner has stepped out of her motherhood role and back into glam, at least for the moment. With a new film coming out, she’s gotten all dolled up to talk with David Letterman about her close call with Russell Brand’s crotch – for two days! She didn’t seem nearly as upset about that as I probably would have been.

Garner co-stars with Brand as a woman seeking his billionaire hand in marriage in the new film “Arthur,” and told David Letterman about a bit of an intimate moment — or set of moments — that the two shared in the film. Garner and Brand feature in a scene in which she’s chasing a scantily clad Brand, trying to get him into bed but instead ending up the victim of magnets. And, well, a victim of an up close look at his crotch.

“He was in his underwear, and they were very handsomely made,” Garner told the host Tuesday night. “It was Russell and me, right behind him, on all fours. We did it over and over again, so I spent two days just right up against it. So I’m very familiar, in my own way, with the anatomy of Russell Brand — and it’s good.”

And how did her husband, Ben Affleck, feel about this scene?

“It’s not like I was playing with it!” Garner said, defending her innocence.

Garner played beer pong with Jimmy Fallon. She told him she was taught how to play beer pong by her nanny who is currently watching her kids while she’s promoting Arthur. Well, I think Ben Affleck’s mom is with them too.

I’m usually not a fan of movie remakes. It just seems like the remake is never as good as the original with just a few exceptions. However, the new ‘Arthur’ movie looks like it has potential – at least judging from the trailer. The basic theme is the same, child-like rich guy who gets cut-off from his billions after choosing love over his money and then has no idea how to make it on his own. From the looks of it, it seems Russell Brand does the former Dudley Moore role justice. I guess we’ll see.

It hits theaters on Friday, April 8th!

You can see some lovely pictures of Jennifer Garner on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon below and compare the two Arthur videos. They are the Arthur trailers from 1981 and 2011.




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