Bai Ling Photos from the Beverly Hills Film Festival Opening Night

Bai Ling

I was just wondering what was going on with Bai Ling these days when these photos came out of her attending the 2011 Beverly Hills Film Festival Opening Night at the Clarity Theater. The last I had heard she was doing Celebrity Rehab with people like the Long Island Lolita Amy Fisher, The Real Housewives of D.C.’s most hated Michaele Salahi and Michael Lohan. Michael is Lindsay’s father (formerly known as Lindsay Lohan).

Last month, while in Dr. Drew’s Celeb attention whores show, 911 was called because Bai Ling had gone on the roof and they thought she might be suicidal (she came down from the roof before anyone got there and there was no incident) and she and Amy Fisher walked off the show (temporarily) because the house they were all holed up in had broken pipes and there was no hot water. Wusses.

If I can’t find out anything else about her right now, then she really needs to stay with Dr. Drew cause getting no attention is just not right for Bai Ling the drama queen.

So check out her photos from the Beverly Hills Film Festival opening night on April 6th. You think her sobriety treatment – short as it might have been – is working for her? I’m not being judgmental from just a few pictures, I’m just wondering what you think.

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