ShamWow Guy In “Sex Slave” Scandal

That troubled ShamWow Guy TV pitchman, Vince Shlomi, 46, is back in trouble again. You well remember his scandal a few years ago where he got into a fight with a prostitute don’t you? Well, now a 23 year personal assistant by the name of Jennifer Kosinski is suing Shlomi claiming that he tried to make her his personal “sex slave” as his relationship with her turned highly unprofessional. Kosinski was supposed to be paid $4,500 plus free board to keep Shlomi from alcohol as well as to do housekeeping and other personal duties. However, a lawsuit filed on behalf of Kosinski claims a pattern of harassment and sexual pressures.

The Smoking Gun ran the arrest photos of the ShamWow guy’s last legal run-in with the prostitute that he supposedly beat up in a fight.

Gee, who could have ever guessed that Vince Shlomi might pull more piece of crap behavior once again. Gee, Hell must have froze over big time, right? Must be all of that high pressure of being a TV infomercial pitchman or something, huh?

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  • It looks like the prostitute beat him up more than he beat her up!