10 Celebrities Who Posed Nude While Pregnant

Mariah Carey Pregnant

1. Mariah Carey joins the ranks of celebrities to pose nude while pregnant. Soon to hit the stands, Life & Style will feature Mariah on the cover showing off her pregnant belly with twins.

2. Demi Moore is probably the most famous for posing nude for Vanity Fair in 1991 since she was the first one to do it. She gave women a reason to feel attractive and sexy when they’re pregnant. Her pose cradling her naked belly is the photo that started it all.

3. In June’s 1999 issue of W Cindy Crawford appeared on the cover pregnant with her first child.

4. Brooke Shields posed for Vogue for the April 2003 cover wearing next to nothing and showing off her pregnant body.  She wore a sheer dress that had been soaked with water to reveal her figure under the layer of sheer clothing.

5. Monica Bellucci created quite a stir in 2004 when she posed for Vanity Fair while pregnant with her daughter Deva to promote the legalization of embryo research in Italy.

6. Britney Spears created a lot of ruckus when she posed nude in 2006 for Harper’s Bazaar carrying her second son Jayden.

7. Jane annual body issue in 2007 featured Milla Jovovich showing her pregnant body that she was proud to show off.

8. Christina Aguilera posed for the January 2008 Marie Claire cover with some jewelry and heels and not much else to show off her baby bump to the world.

9. In 2009, Spanish Elle included photos of Paz Vega’s nude pregnant body.

10. Super model Claudia Schiffer posed naked on the cover of German Vogue in June of 2010 while she was seven months pregnant with her third child.

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