Jessica Simpson: Full-Figure is Healthier! (Photos)

Jessica Simpson’s weight has been the topic for tabloids for a while now. And now she’s weighing in on the topic saying that a full-figure is healthier and you should never stay with someone who wants you to change anything about yourself! See photos of Jessica Simpson’s full figure below.

Jessica Simpson

LEAVE JESSICA ALOOONNNEEE!!!! Naw, you don’t really have to, she says she’s okay with whatever people are saying about her weight. That might be because she’s making a freakin’ fortune with her fashion line and is marrying a football star so she really doesn’t care. Or maybe its because she says she’s okay with her curves.

See more Jessica Simpson Photos.

Whatever. That’s what women say when they are losing the battle of the bulge. But whether or not she’s okay with it, she’s living the good life regardless.

Simpson says that its just not healthy to be rail thin and that she never ‘got’ the attraction to skinny. On the other hand, she worked her butt off (literally) for her Daisy Duke role a few years ago. Now the 30-year-old fashion designer, singer, reality TV star, etc might look like this on any given day. Yikes!

Below you can enjoy more photos of Jessica Simpson’s full-figure. Hot or not?

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  • BDinSoFla

    I think she looks just as beautiful now as ever. And it’s nice for the younger girls to have someone non-anorexic, confident and successful who they can look up to.

  • Mike

    Delta Burke in the making

  • average jane

    She is probably a size 6 or 8 now instead of a 0…which is by no means “full figured”!! I can’t believe she has to even explain herself…she is NORMAL.

  • bigfun

    to me she is HOTTER being full figure then she was when she was thin