Angelina Jolie Tattoo Mystery Solved: The New Tattoo is For …

There has been an Angelina Jolie tattoo mystery all over the internet today. She showed up in Tunisia with a 7th tattoo in her list of coordinate tattoos representing where each of her children were born. Speculation has been that the new tattoo meant she and her partner Brad Pitt are adopting another baby. Well, now we know what the 7th coordinate is for. The new tattoo is for …. (find out and see a gallery of Angelina Jolie tattoo photos below).

Angelina Jolie Tattoo

Angelina Jolie is known as one of the most beautiful women in the world as well as one of the most tattooed A-list celebrities in the world. Some of her tattoos have been removed and replaced over time. Most notably her tattoo ‘Billy Bob’ for her second husband Billy Bob Thornton. After that fiasco, she said she’d never have another man’s name tattooed to her arm.

She had ‘Billy Bob’ and the accompanying dragon removed from her arm and replace with the coordinates of the locations where each of her children were born. Until recently that was six coordinates. One for each of her children. Now, all of the sudden and without much ado there is a 7th on her arm.

Naturally, this led to speculation all over the place about what the new tattoo means. Does it mean there will soon be a new addition to the Jolie-Pitt household? Does it mean she’s pregnant? Maybe it just represents some other place that has special meaning to her.

I have to say that I guessed it from the get-go. Unfortunately I didn’t tell anyone but my husband and he couldn’t care any less. He just grunted and paid no attention to my accurate prediction. But I was right and her new tattoo IS another place that has special significance to her.

True to her word, she hasn’t had another man’s name tattooed to her body. But she has had the coordinates for where Brad Pitt was born tattooed underneath the coordinates for her children on her arm.

Apparently she’s agreed to Brad’s long-time request to settle down a bit and they have moved the family to Los Angeles AND she’s had his birthplace coordinates tattooed to her arm. That’s commitment!

All of this totally overshadowed her trip to Tunisia to try to save the Libyan refugees. That’s just how shallow we really are!

Now that the big Angelina Jolie tattoo mystery is solved you can sit back and enjoy some photos of her other tattoos in the gallery below.

UPDATE: I guess the whole Angelina Jolie tattoo mystery is still up in the air. I still say that she opted for Brad Pitt’s place of birth as opposed to his name. You know, just in case. But whatEVAH.

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