Jamie Lynn Spears is 20 and Releasing Her Own Album

Jamie Lynn Spears is 20 today and Britney’s little sister is said to be releasing her own album!

Jamie Lynn Spears

According to ‘sources’, Jamie Lynn Spears has been working on a country-pop album that she is hoping will get her a record deal and set her up in the footsteps of her famous sister, Britney Spears. Well, hopefully the good part of Britney’s footsteps and not the head-shaving footsteps. But that’s all behind her now.

We haven’t heard much from the former ‘Zoey 101’ star since she gave birth to her little baby boy a few years ago. The family was going through a lot at the time and they’ve obviously stepped back and regrouped since those days of daily mega-headlines about Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy and mostly about Britney’s very public breakdown.

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So now Jamie Lynn is working on her own country-pop album with ‘some of music’s biggest names’ and shopping for a record deal.

Good luck on that and Happy Birthday to Jamie Lynn Spears!

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