Fort Wayne Rejects Naming New Government Building After Popular Four Term Mayor Harry Baals

Former Mayor Harry Baals must have lost some of his popularity these days. While wildly popular back from the 1930’s until 50’s, Baals was re-elected four times. And today he’s leading an online poll to name a new government building in Fort Wayne, Indiana by a landslide. However, the current city leaders are rejecting naming the new government building after the popular former mayor because of the jokes that his name is sure to inspire. And that seems like a real kick in the baals for someone who helped to guide the city through WWII besides improving government and building a modern underground sewer system for the city.

Baals actually leads the voting by at least a 10-1 margin over the second place name entry. But, that fact hasn’t fazed city officials who loath naming the new government center a name that is sure to inspire endless jokes.

Oh, c’mon folks in Fort Wayne, don’t chicken out here. Show a little Baals here. You owe it to his family to name something major in your city after this popular mayor.

Interestingly, the modern day relatives of Baals now prefer to pronounce their name “Bales”. You only have to wonder why, don’t you? No word of whether there’s a Harry Baals, Jr. or Harry Baals III. Who wouldn’t want to carry on their father or grandfather’s very proud name?

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  • This is one of those situations where you have to ask yourself WHAT WERE HIS PARENTS THINKING!!!!!

  • Paul Hooson

    Hello, Liz. Indeed, you just have to wonder. Then again maybe slang has changed over the years. The modern “Baals” family pronouncing their name “Bales” sure reminds me of those scenes in YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN when both Frankenstein and Igor’s sons took great effort to mispronounce their name as something else to avoid any link with the past. It seems just that absurd to me.