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APPRENTICE Advertisers Pressuring NBC To Control Donald Trump

NBC is beginning to feel an advertiser backlash as Donald Trump’s behavior grows more outrageous by the day. Groupon has become the first major advertiser to pull their sponsorship of Donald Trump’s CELEBRITY APPRENTICE program on NBC in response to Trump’s outlandish behavior the last few days which includes some behavior viewed as racist as […]


Royal Wedding Drew Big Ratings

Although the royal wedding of Price Harry and Kate Middleton was very early in the morning for many Americans, millions of Americans joined the estimated 2 billion viewers worldwide who tuned in to watch the coverage. At least 28% of Americans expressed big interest in the royal wedding. Most of the strongest interest in the […]

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Donald Trump Haunted By Organized Crime Ties

CELEBRITY APPRENTICE Host and businessman Donald Trump is beginning to suffer a backlash of negative investigative reporting in recent days. Earlier this week, Trump brought a spotlight of embarrassment on himself for his seizing on a false tabloid story run in THE GLOBE that claimed the current president wasn’t born in the United States. Now, […]


Ricky Gervais – The Model Slacker

I’m a fan of Ricky Gervais. I first caught his podcasts some number of years ago and found him highly entertaining. He’s a brilliant comic with a quick mind and a solid grasp of showmanship. He’s also a slacker of the highest order. Before you email me with harsh words, hear me out. I’m a […]

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Lara Logan’s 60 MINUTES Interview Airs This Sunday

CBS has leaked a few details of the upcoming interview that brutalized reporter Lara Logan will offer this Sunday about her brutal beating and sexual assault during the uprising in Egypt back on February 11. Lara Logan claims that this will be the last time that she addresses the violent incident because she doesn’t want […]

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Portland Trailblazers Fight To Avoid 1st Round Elimination Tonight

The Portland Trailblazers once again find themselves with their backs against the wall in their efforts to avoid another year’s first round elimination. This year, Mark Cuban’s Dallas Mavericks have given Portland all they can take, however Portland has managed to win the two home games so far, including a Lazarus-level effort from 23 points […]

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Steve Carell’s “Michael Scott” Leaves THE OFFICE Tonight

Steve Carell’s “Michael Scott” character makes his long awaited exit from THE OFFICE tonight in an extended episode. Will Farrell will reportedly appear in the episode as well. NBC has high hopes that the episode will pull in major ratings. However, last week NBC had to pull the plug on the PAUL REISER SHOW due […]


Andy Dick Shows Off His Dick In Portland Comedy Festival Appearance

Comic Andy Dick certainly lived up to his name. He showed off his dick during his appearance at Portland’s Bridgetown Comedy Festival. According to our sources, Andy Dick sought drugs such as cocaine and marijuana before his appearance later that evening, and in a highly drug intoxicated state went onstage in Portland dressed in women’s […]

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Donald Trump Proves That Bad Tabloid Newspaper Stories Make For Even Worse Politics

Trashy tabloid newspapers regularly run absurd fictional stories they claim are real news about UFOs landing on the White House lawn, half-human, half bat hybrid creatures, kittens arrested for murder, as well as foolish stories claiming that the President is a Muslim or that he wasn’t born in the United States. While serious political figures […]

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SOUTH PARK Opens Season 15 Tonight With Gross “Humancentipad” Episode

Tonight’s the big night SOUTH PARK fans. You won’t be disappointed at the disgusting little premiere tonight as SOUTH PARK manages to take at swipe at both Apple’s iPad as well THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE horror film, creating an outrageous mix sure to become another gross-out classic. In case you haven’t seen it, THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE […]


BRIDESMAIDS: A Dirty Chick Flick That Guys Might Like Too!

BRIDESMAIDS, which will open at theaters on May 15, sure looks like a raunchy good time film based on some new trailer films circulating on the Web. It looks like just the sort of “chick flick” that guys might also like. From some of the same writers, producers and directors associated with SUPERBAD, KNOCKED UP […]

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Avenged Sevenfold Wins Album Of The Year

Revolver Magazine’s 3rd Annual Golden God Awards saw Avenged Sevenfold—AX7 to those in the know—take home the lion’s share of the awards, including Album of the Year. Synyster Gates and Zacky Vengeance had a pretty good night at the 2011 Golden God Awards ceremony, which awards top performers in the world of hard rock and […]

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Pippa Middleton Royal Wedding Party Plans

Pippa Middleton is Kate Middleton’s younger sister. She helps run her parent’s party business as an events planner and is planning a party for the Royal Wedding that has the Royal Family a little on edge. Read about it below. The Brits are a bit up in arms over the plans of Pippa Middleton to […]

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Kendra Wilkinson: Dancing With the Stars Samba Booty Shaking Video

Kendra Wilkinson didn’t disappoint with this week’s Guilty Pleasures edition of Dancing With the Stars. Hugh Hefner’s former Girl Next Door danced a Samba that was not just a crowd pleaser but had the judges giving her high points and judge Bruno Tonioli asking for more Guilty Pleasures. See her DWTS Samba booty shaking video […]

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Record Oil Prices, Near Record Oil Company Profits, Put Continued Oil Industry Tax Breaks Into Question In Washington

As oil prices hit record levels, and five of the largest oil companies might report near record profits up as high as 59% later this week, Washington will likely debate whether to extend billions in tax breaks to the industry in coming days. One of these tax breaks deals with the oil industry being able […]