Leonardo DiCaprio is getting $5million to be in a commercial.  Holy potatos.

Leonardo DiCaprio gets big commercial pay day

Smoldering leading man Leonardo DiCaprio is set for a big big pay day.  E! News is reporting that he has agreed to be in a television commercial for Chinese cell phone company Guangdong OPPO Mobile Telecommunications Corp.  The spot, which will earn him a reported $5million (FIVE MILLION DOLLARS! FOR A COMMERCIAL! O.M.G.) will be filmed in April and will run in Asian markets later this year.

Leo is no stranger to hocking products.  He has appeared in ads for Tag Heuer and Suzuki.  Cell phone company, Tag Heuer, Suzuki.  Talk about a wide range of things this guy has plugged.  FIVE MILLION for a little tv commercial??!  REALLY?!  What do those usually run – 30 seconds or so?  Wow.  Guess who’s WINNING today?