Big Time Sissyass Stuff: Local CBS Affiliate Picks On Small Family Video Store

It’s pretty obvious that Grand Video in Vancouver, Washington is having a hard time competing with Netflix and RedBox for so many new video releases. Stocking a small video store with all of the latest releases is very expensive. Further, new releases only tend to be hot for just a few days before starting to fall off in popularity as customers have an interest in even newer films. So Grand Video decided to add an adult section to the store where these films can be bought for very low prices and have a far longer shelf life than general release titles which just too quickly lose most public interest as well as costing much more. One new general title new release might cost 10 times as much as an adult DVD to purchase. Just staying in business for a family video store is difficult enough financially, so the decision to offer some adult titles seems only to be smart business at this point for Grand Video. Most small video stores have added some adult videos to their inventory long before this, probably as early as the 1980’s.

KOIN head anchor Jeff Gianola acted all outraged about this little family video store renting out a few adult videos to stay in business. (The truth is this store should have started to offer these sort of films only about 30 years ago).

But hey, let’s look at who KOIN’s head anchor Jeff Gianola really is. There’s a Website out there called “Portland’s Worst Celebrity Customers” where a host by the name of ShanRock at Sewickly’s pub paints a very unflattering picture of Gianola as a loud and abusive drunk who calls staffers “bitches” and other derogatory things after he gets all shit-faced on something called “Quiz Night” every Tuesday at the bar. Gianola sure doesn’t mind treating the staff like total crap according to this account, so I guess it’s only natural for him to also crap on some small time family video store that attempts to fight to stay in business while most small video stores are dying like flies.

Running a bar is tough enough when abusive customers like Jeff Gianola come in. But when Sewickly’s has events such as a shooting outside the club, things get much worse.

On air, Jeff Gianola and his co-host Kelley Day both act like two uptight morality prudes, who would both do either CBN or FOX News mighty proud. Both seem so good at moralizing on camera about others, especially Gianola who acts like he so uptight like he hasn’t had a decent bowel movement in about 20 years, which sure contrasts with the drunken bullshit he pulls on the staff at Sewickly’s. But, the divorced and remarried anchor has his fans though. Probably because they haven’t seen him drunk and abusive yet. He’s a big time phony. Complete bullshit.

And the KOIN news report about Grand Video was complete bullshit as well. KOIN claimed that there’s “community outrage” about the store offering a few adult videos. Yet, the only proof of this claimed “community outrage” that the KOIN report offers are two interviews with overweight women who both look like they like to hit the potato chips real hard. One of the women is the daughter of the former owner of the store. But, neither look like they’re keeping themselves in shape by working as hard as some little store merchant who has to to stay in business. A little store means long hours, and usually little pay. Little stores are a tough road. Nothing like the big salaries that blowhard news head anchor’s like Jeff Gianola can pull down.

Well, here’s to you KOIN. You did it again. You got yourself another Big Time Sissyass Award only weeks after earning one for picking on some little Korean grocery store that offers adult magazines for sale just like Plaid Pantry and other convenience stores have done for decades. When you hire a few pricks like Jeff Gianola to work for you, you’re bound to win a few Big Time Sissyass Awards. That’s for certain.

Grand Video is doing what they can to survive. The family video store genre is a dying one. Some day very soon KOIN won’t have Grand Video to kick around. Unfortunately, the crap will just keep falling out of the mouth of Jeff Gianola, though.

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