Royal Wedding: Princess Diana Spare Wedding Dress PHOTOS

Princess Diana had not one, but two wedding dresses for her big day back in 1981.

Princess Diana in her Wedding Dress | Princess Diana Spare Wedding Dress

As Princess Diana got set to walk down the aisle to marry Prince Charles in 1981, the world waited with bated breath to see what her dress would look like.  The Princess did not disappoint.  She arrived in an Elizabeth and David Emmanuel creation that consisted of 25 yards of silk taffeta, 100 yards of tulle crinoline, and 10,000 pearls and mother-of-pearl sequins that were hand-embroidered on the dress.  The off-white design had lace, a boned bodice, curved neckline, and a 25-foot silk train befitting a princess and the impressive setting she was getting married in.

People magazine says the designers, who were little known at the time of Diana’s wedding, have revealed that they had created a second, back-up dress should details of the first leak prior to Diana saying “I do.”  Elizabeth Emmanuel said:

“At the time we wanted to make absolutely sure that the dress was a surprise.  Had the secret of the real dress got out it’s possible that Diana would actually have worn this one.”

The second dress is ivory silk taffeta, just like the original, and features the same ruffles around the neckline.  What’s missing is the signature lace of the dress Diana actually wore.  Elizabeth stated the second dress was never actually finished:

“We didn’t try it on Diana. We never even discussed it.  We wanted to make sure that we had something there; it was for our own peace of mind, really.”

The designer says she can sympathize with whomever Kate Middleton has tapped to make her dress:

“They’re keeping quiet on the designer this time, probably to avoid all the hassle that we had.  It was really difficult and we didn’t have to contend with cameras in phones etc like you have today. How do you keep something secret like that? I have no idea.”

I have no idea how little known designers could pull off a dress with the details Diana’s had – let alone two (well… maybe more like 1.75).  Which dress do you like better?

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