Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Fight PHOTOS and VIDEO

Troubled Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans brutally attacked a girl in North Carolina as friends watched and egged her on.

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans fight with Britany Truett

Wow.  WOW.  Jenelle is one messed up teenager with more problems than I can count.  I admit – I watch Teen Mom.  Can’t help it… I’m addicted to the drama.  Season 2 mom Jenelle Evans certainly provides a lot of it for fans, both on and off the MTV show.

While with friends in North Carolina, Jenelle brutally beat the snot out of Britany Truett.  The whole thing was caught on video, and you can see and hear friends encouraging Jenelle to fight.  At one point, an onlooker even threatened to hurt Britany if she did not let go of Jenelle’s hair.  Wow.

TMZ is reporting that victim Britany is not looking to press charges, and she just wants the incident “to go away.”  Apparently the whole thing was an issue over Jenelle’s ex and Teen Mom regular Kieffer.  Britany, who has been friends with Jenelle for seven years, says Kieffer hit on her when all three of them were hanging out, and that set Jenelle off.

Britany’s injuries include a bruise on her eye, scratches on her face, and a bite mark on her breast (?!).  Since the fight, Jenelle has been “smack talking” with Britany through messages on facebook.  She’s definitely a winner, isn’t she?

Jenelle is lucky that Britany wants the mess to just disappear, because following the incident, the Brunswick County District Attorney’s Office launched an investigation.  For a girl who has repeatedly cried on the MTV show about how she wishes people would stop thinking she’s a bad mom, and says how she wants custody of her kid Jace back, she sure does throw up a lot of roadblocks for herself, and I can’t imagine this would help her case out.

Head on over to TMZ to check out the video.  Warning – it’s not pretty (unless you’re into that kind of thing).

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