Elizabeth Taylor Death: Her Final Days

Details are starting to emerge about how legend and Hollywood icon Elizabeth Taylor spent her final days before her death on March 23.

Elizabeth Taylor and son Michael Wilding, Jr. pose in the mid 50s

Screen siren Elizabeth Taylor received a lot of love and support from friends and family during her final weeks and days at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in LA.  Friend (and one time rival) Debbie Reynolds was one of many people who stopped by to visit and comfort her.  She told Access Hollywood in an interview:

“I said, ‘Getting old is really sh––,’ and [Taylor] said, ‘It certainly is. It certainly is, Debbie. This is really tough.’  I said, ‘Well, you just hang in there now, Elizabeth,’ and she said, ‘I’m really trying.’”

Doesn’t that just give you a case of the sads?  Of her death, Reynolds said in that same interview:

“God bless her, she’s on to a better place.  I’m happy that she’s out of her pain, because she was in a lot of pain.”

On Elizabeth’s last night, it was just her four children who were with her as she passed away from congestive heart failure.  Close friend Sally Morrison told People magazine “she was comfortable and it was peaceful and she was surrounded by her children.”

Friend and photographer Firooz Zahedi says that Elizabeth was hoping to be able to leave the hospital and go home at some point.  “She was hoping to come home and optimistic about everything.  She had her bedroom at home redecorated.”  Sadly, her heart problems, which were first diagnosed in 2004, were too severe for doctors to sign off on the Hollywood icon’s desire to go home.  Reynolds says “she expressed how scary it was when you see that it’s perhaps the end, to find a way to leave this world and go onto the next.”

Sad face.  The world will certainly miss Elizabeth.

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