Royal Wedding: Kate Middleton and Prince William Wedding Cake

Prince William and Kate Middleton have decided on the wedding cake that will be served at their upcoming nuptials.

Prince William and Kate Middleton chose a wedding cake

Good news for all your royal watchers – there is new information about the upcoming April 29 wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton!  The dessert menu has been finalized, and somewhere in Leicestershire,  a baker is already hard at work.

Fiona Cairns has been tapped to create a multi-tiered, traditional brandy-flavored fruitcake for the young royals.  A British floral theme will decorate the cake along with the couple’s cipher, which will most likely be made of their initials and is set to be revealed on their wedding day.  Each tier will have a different theme, and detailed piping will be used to create scrollwork, flowers, leaves and other designs.  The flowers of the four corners of the UK will be represented by the English rose, Scottish thistle, Welsh Daffodil, and Irish Shamrock.

Kate is apparently a bride that knows what she wants, and isn’t afraid to go after it.  The baker, who has also made cakes for Paul McCartney and Pink Floyd, met with the soon-to-be princess six weeks ago.  “She has guided us right from the beginning and has quite strong ideas,” Cairns says. “That makes it much easier than a bride who has absolutely no idea whatsoever, which has happened in the past.  She knew very much what she wanted, and she brought us mood boards and told us what influences she would like us to use on the cake.”

The elaborate cake will have 16 different flowers on it.  Cairns explains, “there is the bridal rose, which symbolizes happiness, the oak and acorn – which is an architectural detail around the room where the cake will be – symbolizes strength and endurance. There is a lily of the valley, which symbolizes sweetness and humility, and ivy leaves, which symbolize marriage.”  There will also be a bloom called “Sweet William” on the cake.

Kate isn’t the only one with dessert ideas.  Prince William, who apparently has quite the sweet tooth, has requested a chocolate-cookie cake that will be made by the McVitie’s biscuit company.  The recipe being used is a favorite of the Windsors’.  As if that wasn’t enough, there will be yet another cake made by a company that made the cake for the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh’s 60th wedding anniversary, as well as cakes for weddings and christenings of other royals.  They are set to produce a few hundred (!!!) slices for the guests attending the reception at Buckingham Palace.

All said and done, there will be about 35 lbs of chocolate and 1700 McVitie’s Rich Tea biscuits.  Yum.

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  • I love this couple. They are a breath of fresh air in the garbage we usually read about.