Prince William’s Bachelor Party is This Weekend?

We are hearing that Prince William’s bachelor party is this weekend or as they say in the U.K., his stag party. Anyone who knows anything about the plans are keeping their mouths shut which leaves us plenty of room to make things up for speculation.

Prince Harry, Prince William Bachelor Party Princes

Where I come from a bachelor party is usually a night or two before the wedding. A bunch of guys go out to a strip bar or something along those lines, get drunk, act stupid and deliver the groom to the wedding hungover. NOT SO if you are in line for the throne of England apparently.

Prince William‘s bachelor party is a whole weekend affair and there are some rumors that him and his friends will be flying to South Africa to celebrate Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The plans are for this weekend which gives him plenty of time to sober up and get over his hangover and black-out in time to watch his lovely bride walk down the aisle to transform from a commoner into a princess.

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What we DO know is that long-time royal pal Guy Pelly is planning the stag party. And he is said to be perfectly capable of throwing one hell of a party and having a smashing good time. ‘Smashing good time’ is British English for they are probably going to get sh*t-faced WASTED and be very, very bad boys while they are where ever they are going and doing what ever it is they are going to be doing. I think.

Guy Pelly

Meanwhile, future-princess and bride-to-be Kate Middleton will stay in London with her BFF, sister, Maid-of-Honor and possible Lady-in-waiting Pippa Middleton. The two will stay busy planning for the wedding of the century no doubt and possibly hoping the men don’t come home with any communicable diseases (but that’s just speculation on my part, of course).

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I’m sure Prince Harry and an entourage of their friends will be where ever Prince William’s bachelor party is being held this weekend. A royal source says there will be ‘plenty of booze and some legendary activities’.

We’ll report what we hear and the party princes are recuperating from the weekend!



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