Penis Size By Country or Does Size Matter and If So Where Do I Find the Biggest Ones?

Does size matter? If so, you can now determine the median penis size by country. That should come in handy for anyone in the market for larger (or smaller). For your convenience, I’ve included a map that will help you find whatever you are looking for in the event penis size matters.

Penis Size Map

It seems to me that this study on penis size feeds right in to the stereotypes. I don’t think that’s politically correct, but I suspect that the only people who will complain about the study are the men who fall into the less well endowed categories and they aren’t likely to speak up because then people will think they have some short-comings. The kind of shortcomings that men aren’t keen on having people think they have. (That would be Asians – see what I mean about the stereotyping!).

Honest to G-d. There is a study on everything.

So, if you are in the market and shopping around and size matters, then here’s what you need to know.

The men with the largest penises live in …. drum roll …. The Congo (average size 7.1 inches)! Followed by Ecuador, Ghana, Colombia and Venezuela.

The men with the smallest live in South Korea, Cambodia, Thailand, India, and Burma. South Korean men top out the smallest size with an average size of 3.9 inches. Really? That’s hardly worth the trouble. No offense intended to anyone from South Korea. I’m sure they make up for it with their expertise in the boudoir. We assume you make up for that with foreplay or something.

As for American men (my personal favorite), the average size is 5.1 inches. Now, being an American woman, I find that hard to believe unless I’ve just lucked out with above average men all these years. Then again, the study doesn’t say whether or not the measurements are taken while the guy is at ease or at full attention AND it is ‘self-reported’. But then ‘self-reported’ means half of the men questioned self-reported less than that. I’ve never known a man to underestimate these things. I also suspect that p0rn stars weren’t part of the study cause that would have really skewed the results.

After looking at the penis size by country map above I’m starting to understand why so many European women take such long vacations in Africa and take on African lovers. Heh. Well, that is if size matters …

Get the full list of worldwide penis sizes here. Find out where your country falls and where you might want to take your next vacation!

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  • Paul Hooson

    Gosh Liz, I hope folks sure appreciate all the hard work you do to bring them great news like this. Sometimes it takes a lot of research. But, I guess hard work around here like this is a labor of love or something. Keep up the hard work! Sometimes I work pretty hard too. But, that’s another story.

  • It was my pleasure Paul. Really. I mean that. It was my pleasure. Its a tough job but someone has to do it. I will be more than willing to continue my research on the long and short of it.

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