Liz Taylor Fashionably Late For Her Own Funeral

Elizabeth Taylor Funeral

Liz Taylor must have had a reputation for being fashionably late. So as a comic last request, she was 15 minutes late for her own funeral yesterday at Forest Lawn. She was buried near her friend Michael Jackson. Earlier reports were that she was going to be buried next to her father and mother at Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery. However, these false reports might have circulated to keep the ceremony private and confuse excess media. It probably also helped to confuse protesters from the Westboro Baptist Church who circulated Tweets and Internet messages to protest her funeral for “enabling” Gays because of work for AIDS prevention. Despite their threats to picket the funeral, Westboro Baptist Church members were a no show yesterday.

Friends and family of the late actress probably enjoyed a little more privacy than usual because of the confused funeral arrangement announcements. They probably appreciated that.

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