Whoopi Goldberg Calls Donald Trump a Racist on The View

Whoopi battles Trump

Donald Trump, egotistical billionaire and bad hair extraordinaire, does not shy away from a good argument. From many famous spats with everyone from Rosie O’Donnell to Martha Stewart, Trump never backs down and never thinks that he is wrong. Now the Donald can add another celebrity to his list of people that he has publicly argued with: Whoopi Goldberg.

Yesterday on The View, Trump struck a cord with Whoopi Goldberg when he questioned President Obama’s citizenship. Trump was adamant that he wanted to see Obama’s birth certificate to authenticate his citizenship and claims that he must have something to hide because he has not yet presented the document to the public.

Goldberg, a die-hard Obama supporter, quickly came to his defense and called Trump’s desire to see Obama’s birth certificate “the biggest pile of dog mess I have heard in ages.” Goldberg continued to get even more riled up about the situation when Trump did not back down. Goldberg then took things a step further when she played the race card saying “it’s not because he’s black, is it?”

Trump said that race “has nothing to do with it.” But did Trump request to see a copy of Bush or Clinton’s birth certificate? Did he go on national TV and raise a raucous about Bush’s eligibility for the presidency? I think not.

So am I calling the Donald a racist? No, not necessarily. I just think he is so egotistical that he really thinks that anyone who is not born into an aristocratic family is not worthy of such as high-powered position. He seems to believe that only those who went to elite preschools and vacationed on the shores of Martha’s Vineyard as children will ever be smart enough to lead this country.

Before watching The View yesterday, I thought that Donald was making a comeback. With his success on The Apprentice and his lack of brainless comments lately, I was beginning to like Mr. Trump again. But his comments yesterday about Obama’s citizenship quickly halted his good fortune in my book. Welcome back to the “dumbest celebrities” list, Donald. You have been missed.

This guest post is by Edwin Daniels, an entertainment blogger for USdish. Follow him on Twitter.

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  • Christopherban

    Did he really create a raucous? How do you create an adjective?

  • Anonymous

    Anytime any one questions Obama about anything, the left calls him/her a racist. I am sick to death of it. Why doesn’t the president show us his birth certificate? I have never been one of those that believed he was not a legitimate born citizen, but the longer he prolongs turning over the birth certificate and the longer we go without hearing from any classmates from Kindergarten, the more I believe he’s hiding something — possibly his illegitimatcy (sic). Were his parents married?: And for you and Whoopi to call Trump a racist is ridiculous. I think Whoopi and Obama are the racists!!!!

    • Vinindy

      Does Obama have to have his Birth Certificate posted at the Smithonian? The Birth Certificate has been published over & over and how many kindergarten class mates remember you? You right wing, birther idots, I have no idea where you people come from? Mars? I truly hope Sarah Palin or Mr. CombOver becomes president…we will see where we are then.

      • Anonymous

        I stand behind my former statement — the racists are Whoopi and the writer of the article. Obama’s birth certificate has NEVER been shown to the American public. I do not believe that he may not be a citizen, but I, as the Donald said, believe there is something he does not want public from that birth certificate.
        So stop with the racist talk — for all you know, I’m black and a Democrat — but most likely a moderate one and not a liberal fool — I can look at an argument from both sides and make up my own mind — something so many in this country have never learned to do.
        No comment necessary, please.

        • Whatever

          no lady look into your core – YOU are a racist – – how darea non white be at the same table as you –

  • Anonymous

    Whoopy is a racist rat. Being a movie star does not protect her from being called what she really is.
    As to Obama, he certainly was not born here. There was a lot of evidence about this. And – it is a ligitimate request to see his birth certificate.

    I dream to see Obama in jail where he belongs.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder, why serious politicians, some congressmen would not issue a formal request for Obama to produce a copy of his original birth certificate?

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  • Michaeltreywilkerson

    Everyone else has show their birth documents, Trump would have to show his. He’s right, Obooba must have something to hide, why not just step up and put it to rest? The best is that anyone who questions Obooba about anything is a racist. Funny several people who lived with Obooba at Occidental College claim they were all foreign exchange students, including Obooba. Now they are all silent, wondering who paid them off, or is pushing for this silence. If nothing else its enjoyable to see we are living through Jimmy Carter 2.

  • A lot of you seem to be completely ignoring what Vinindy said. The birth certificate has been shown by the White House and has been publicly commented on by Hawaii state officials.

    This is a non issue and bringing it up is nonsense. It’s only news because celebs like the Donald are still being foolish about it to this day.

  • Paul Hooson

    Donald Trump only further marginalizes himself as any serious potential candidate for president when he hounds on about tabloid stories such as this birth certificate issue. With so many important issues such as the economy, Trump needs to prove that he’s good for more than just some comic moment in politics. He also needs to divert attention away from all of his problems with women and losing vast amounts of money in business. But, it’s a hard sell for someone who has lost so much money to claim to know how to manage the country. Trump isn’t a serious candidate by any means and his continued hounding of the birth certificate issue only proves that fact. Trump needs to leave politics to the professionals.

    BTW, Edwin. You’re a great new writer here. Your fresh style and presence is deeply appreciated here.

  • Matt

    Trump is a Racist. Whoppie is right. How come he never aked if George Bush was born in this country. or Ronald Reagan.? All the idiot republicians in this country can do is harp on weather Obama is a citizian or not. All the  G O P did when Clinton was President was  bash him for  smoking pot. .Why dosen’t the G O P try turning their attention to balancing the budget and helping the homeless and creating jobs. Shut your stupid trap Trump .