Scott Disick Men’s Fitness Cover

Kourtney Kardashian boyfriend and baby daddy Scott Disick scored himself the cover of the April Men’s Fitness magazine.  Because he’s the first thing that pops into my head when I hear “fitness.”  Makes total sense.

scott disick mens fitness

Scott Disick Men's Fitness Cover

Scott Disick took off his three piece suit and donned a tight t-shirt and some photoshop for his cover of April’s Men’s Fitness.  The man everyone loves to hate on Keeping up with the Kardashians opened up to the magazine and stated he was aware that he had a fan club full of haters out there.  He said he’s “a lot more human” than people think and said that the birth of his son Mason in December 2009 is one of the things that helped him turn his life around.  Admitting he has “definitely had a couple of low points in my life,” he says the televised embarrassments were “a blessing in disguise.”  He realized that he had to make a significant change in his life in order to keep both Kourtney and baby Mason around.  He said “I realized I didn’t want to wake up 10 years from now and have a son I didn’t know.”

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Not only has he stopped drinking and gone to therapy to work on his issues, he revamped his physical health by changing his eating and workout routines.  He also made changes in his business life, saying  “I’m working on the launch of a number of new health and nutrition products.  My own tanning products, as well as a line of supplements for men.”

Good for you, Scott.  As much as I enjoy my membership in your fan club of haters, I’d like to see things work out for you.  At least for Mason’s sake.

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