German Polar Bear Knut Autopsy Results

Preliminary autopsy results show loveable polar bear Knut may have died from neurological issues.

Knut the Polar Bear

Just four short years after polar bear Knut strutted his way into the hearts of the world when his mother abandoned him after birth, he mysteriously and suddenly died in front of stunned onlookers at the Berlin Zoo.  Officials have already begun an autopsy, and while it is not yet complete, preliminary results indicate that Knut may have died from an underlying neurological problem.  The early findings show that Knut’s kidneys, liver, and heart all appeared fine.  This puts to bed speculation by some that Knut’s premature death may have been caused by stress from his celebrity status as well as an uncomfortable living environment.  A bear curator at the Berlin Zoo stated that the three female polar bears that Knut lived with allegedly tormented the poor orphan.  The only abnormalities found so far have been in his brain.

After the autopsy is completed, Knut may get to live on in Berlin.  There has been talk by the Natural History Museum in Berlin to stuff Knut and put him on display so his fans can continue to visit him.  Museum officials said they have thrown around this idea, however nothing is finalized, as they need to discuss it with personnel at the Berlin Zoo.  While some fans would welcome Knut’s continued presence in the public eye, others aren’t so keen on this idea.  The zoo set up an online condolence book so fans could share their feelings, and some shared exactly how they felt about Knut being stuffed and put on display.  “To stuff Knut is to abuse the feelings of millions of Knut fans all over the world,” posted Horst Krause. “Knut deserves a worthy burial.”

Officials will continue to autopsy the polar bear, and the zoo has stated they will publish the final results when they are available.

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