Chris Brown’s Good Morning America Outburst Could Cost Him Dancing With The Stars

Robin Roberts interviewed Chris Brown on Good Morning America this morning and brought up his past problems with Rihanna. During the interview, Brown kept bringing up his album and that he wanted to focus on that.  After the interview, however, Chris Brown had a fit of rage in his dressing room where he threw a chair into a window and shattered it.  Some of the glass was reported to have fallen on 43rd and Broadway. Robin Roberts tells sources that she asked Brown before the interview went live if she could ask him about his past with Rihanna, and he agreed.

By the time security was sent to the dressing room, Chris Brown had left the building with his shirt torn off.  He was scheduled to do another performance for ABC’s website, but left in a rage before he could complete the performance.

During his interview with Robin Roberts, he described his new album F.A.M.E. stood for both, Forgiving All My Enemies, and Fans Are My Everything.  Well, Chris Brown fans are upset by his violent meltdown, and are doing their best to demand that ABC cancel his performance on Dancing with the Stars next Tuesday.  He is currently scheduled to perform twice on the elimination episode next week, but fans of the show are writing on the show’s message board on ABC demanding that his performance is canceled. During the elimination episode, he is supposed to reveal the first couple that is eliminated from the series’ first elimination show of the season.

This guest post is by Edwin who blogs at USdish. You can also follow him on Twitter.

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