Pixie Lott Bikini Photos: British Pop-Star Playing by the Pool

Pixie Lott

I know, I know. You are probably thinking this is bikini picture day at Wizbang Pop! We already put up some Katherine Heigl bikini pictures today and now we are posting Pixie Lott bikini photos.

The thing is, these aren’t just bikini photos. I’m posting these as a learning experience for why women are the way we are when it comes to other women.

Here you have the cute little Pixie (whose real name is Victoria Louise Lott but got nicknamed ‘Pixie’ because she was so tiny and cute) laying around a swimming pool with her boyfriend, Oliver Cheshire and some other guy. Both of them can’t seem to keep their hands off her and she’s loving every minute of it. Meanwhile, next to them is a curly red-headed girl who not only is busy pretending to ignore the trio next to her so its not so noticeable that she’s being ignored, but is pretty much cropped out of most of the pictures.

This happened to me once a few years ago. I went swimming with some friends and all the guys wanted me to sit on their shoulders to play that wrestling game in the pool. All my friends got pissed off at me and said they were never going swimming with me again. Of course, I’ve totally forgotten about how mean they were to me and am NOT mad about it anymore.

So the lesson is that when you go out with some women friends, don’t have a good time with the men or all your female friends will be mad at you.

Women can be such bitches.

See the Pixie Lott bikini photo album below as well as the British pop-star’s first hit single video ‘Mama Do’.

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