Updated Story: SLATE Parody Claimed More Japan Disaster Jokes From Gilbert Gottfried

Updated Story: I guess the joke is on Wizbang Pop and just about everyone else here. Gilbert Gottfried’s wife Dara and his representative both emailed me to inform me that three jokes that turned up on a Google search of the 12 original Japan inspired jokes attributed to Gilbert Gottfried were not really his own, but a parody circulating on SLATE. This is part of the problem of a Google search for a big current news story. Limitations of Google sometimes turn to many opinion pieces on a story. Look at all the conflicting news and speculation about the Lara Logan story as an example. It took a statement by Lara Logan herself to correct some wrong facts that were circulating.

What is known is this. Gilbert Gottfried actually posted 12 tsunami inspired jokes on his own Twitter account under the name RealGilbert but ran into some public reaction problems. However, SLATE thought the story was funny, and ran with it and posted 3 more jokes that they claimed were also made by Gilbert as a parody. These SLATE jokes are:

“What do you get when you cross a tsunami and a nuclear explosion? Stir fry!”

“Why do the Japanese eat so much ramen? Because it’s so easy to make: Just add water.”

“Did you hear about the Japanese stock market? It crashed on purpose!”

None of these three jokes were actually written by Gilbert it seems. They were part of SLATE’s parody of the whirl of news surrounding Gilbert Gottfried since his public tweets became a big news story this week.

Earlier this week, Aflac fired Gilbert Gottfried as the voice of their mascot duck. However, Gilbert Gottfried continues to have strong support from other celebrity comics such as Lisa Lampanelli, Bob Saget, Jeffrey Ross, Howard Stern, Joan Rivers and others who realize that his jokes were only meant to make people laugh and not to contribute to the pain of the situation in Japan.

RealGilbert (his Twitter account name) tweeted that, “I meant no disrespect. My thoughts are with the victims and their families”. And Gilbert Gottfried offers up this advice, “Observe everything I do and do the opposite”.

Wizbang Pop would like to thank Dara Gottfried and Gilbert’s representative, Steve Honig for their concern for Gilbert that three jokes circulating by SLATE were not actually from Gilbert Gottfried himself. Gilbert Gottfried only sought to make people laugh through a sad incident, but some people weren’t too happy about that. I guess there’s no satisfying everyone. But Gilbert Gottfried has many supporters and fans, including here at Wizbang Pop. Gilbert is forever cool in our eyes.

BTW, on his Twitter account bio, Gilbert jokes that he served eight years for killing an Eskimo.

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  • Maran747

    the comics who are supporting this jackass, are as idiotic as him. Comedy is something to make you laugh. There’s no secret formula on what can be funny, and these other celebs supporting him are trying to explain what Gottfried said was something that was not exactly fully understood, suppose to turn a sad situation around into a not-so, and because he is a comic, we are suppose to excuse his stupidity. Parody or not, the jokes just were not that funny…he deserved to get fired..