Kate Middleton See-Through Dress Sells for How Much? (Photos)

Remember when Prince William first laid eyes on Kate Middleton? No, me either, but the story has now been told that it was at a charity fashion show at St. Andrews University eight years ago and he was besotted by the lovely Kate who was modeling a sheer dress at the time. See pictures of the Kate Middleton see-through dress below.

Kate Middleton See-Through Dress

How does a $35 dressed designed and made by a fashion design student become worth $125,871? Well, easy. All you have to do is allow the dress to be used in a charity fashion show at your university and make sure the girl who walks down the catwalk modeling the dress catches the eye of Prince William, the future King of England and then becomes engaged to him eight years later. That shouldn’t be so hard to do, right?

Talk about the luck of the draw!

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Fashion design student Charlotte Todd drew that lucky lottery. As a student at St. Andrews University in Scotland, Todd designed a sheer lace number for a class project appropriately titled, ‘the art of seduction’. Obviously it worked.

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Charlotte Todd designed the piece as a skirt, but Kate Middleton opted to wear it as a dress in a 2002 charity fashion show at St. Andrews University where both she and Prince William were 19-year-old students at the time. The dress was designed using black and gold sheer lace and silk fabrics with a blue ribbon trim.

Prince William was sitting on the front row at the fashion show and is said to have remarked that Middleton looked hot when she sashayed down the catwalk in the sheer number.

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The iconic dress was stowed away in the designers mother’s closet for eight years and has now sold at auction to a collector for $125,871.

You can see more of Kate Middleton in the see-through dress in the photo gallery below.

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