Vanessa Hudgens Contacts Law Enforcement Over Latest Nude Photo Release

22-year-old former star of HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL, Vanessa Hudgens has contacted law enforcement about a second set of nude photos that began to circulate on the web yesterday according to TMZ. There is some controversy exactly when the photos were shot, and whether they were part of the same set when the actress was just 18 and shot some photos that looked like they were from a cell phone to a friend. Perez Hilton’s website removed a link to the photos because of a rumor circulating that the photos might have been even older than the last set, possibly making the photos criminal.

Hudgens not only considers these photos potentially damaging to her career, but with the possibility that the photos may be criminal, serious legal issues are involved in their leak and circulation. Almost immediately, some celebrity websites began to circulate these photos. However, these websites might be treading on dangerous legal ground here including a potential lawsuit from Hudgens all the way to some criminal action.

Wizbang Pop joins other responsible news outlets who refuse to run these photos as well. We applaud Perez Hilton and TMZ and other news outlets who refuse to run these photos as well because of serious unsettled questions raised about the legality of their unauthorized release.

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