Sex Roles Of The Stars: Jessica Alba In THE KILLER INSIDE ME

Perhaps the most sexual and outrageous role ever for beautiful actress Jessica Alba had to be in THE KILLER INSIDE ME which has been reviewed here on Wizbang Pop in the movies section. The film was given a good review as a great crime drama. However, if you’re a fan of the actress you might be surprised to see her in a role that involves such kinky sex as a belt spanking, sex from behind, a belt around the neck during sex and other wild activities. Actress Kate Hudson also is spanked in this movie as well. And another young actress, encourages being spanking as well. The film seems strangely involved in sadomasochistic sex. It’s a quirky little film release that debuted at the Sundance Film Festival.

Whether you like good crime dramas or just like seeing beautiful Jessica Alba in an outrageous sexual screen role, then THE KILLER INSIDE ME might just be for you. It’s a real goody!

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