Jessica Alba Takes Honor to the Park (Photos)

Jessica Alba and Honor

Jessica Alba took her little 2-year-old daughter Honor to the park over the weekend. The two look like they are having a blast while the pregnant 29-year-old actress is keeping a close eye on her little one.

More Jessica Alba photos

I don’t know what kind of mother Jessica Alba is. The thing about Honor Warren is that she looks and acts like a ‘normal’ toddler. I can imagine she gets scrapped knees once in a while. That would be unlike some other celebrity spawn who are always dressed in designer clothes and high heels while sucking on a pacifier. I won’t mention any names for that last remark except maybe that the first name starts with Suri and the last name starts with Cruise. You can draw your own conclusions.

In the meantime, enjoy lots of photos below of Jessica Alba and Honor at the park.

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