Dueling Naked Cowboys And Cowgirls

What’s the world coming to when panhandlers(who prefer to call themselves “street performers”) are allowed to sue in court if another panhandler rips off their begging for coins Shtick. Well, that’s exactly what happened when Robert Burck attempted to sue former stripper(about 100 years ago!) Sandy Kane when she billed herself as the Naked Cowgirl. Burck had asked for $500 a month or $5000 a year in compensation from Kane(with a year you get a discount, you know), however a judge turned this down and will allow Kane to continue to panhandle(street perform). Another younger woman Louisa Helmond also performs as the Naked Cowgirl as well, wearing pasties in public.

Oh, thank God that we have courts in this country willing to resolve such thorny and complicated legal issues as some folks who beg for a quarter on public streets. My confidence in our legal system is only elevated now. I can certainly rest assured each night now.

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