Jon Cryer: Charlie Sheen, ‘I AM a Troll!’ (Video)

While Charlie Sheen’s crazy gig might be getting a little tired and worn-out, Jon Cryer is stepping up to the plate to do his part. Just like in the show, Two and a Half Men, Cryer plays straight man to Sheen’s immature antics. Life imitating art or art imitating life. Does it matter? Just check out the video of Cryer from his appearance on the Conan O’Brien show below.

Jon Cryer

Jon Cryer to Charlie Sheen, ‘I AM a Troll!’

Charlie Sheen‘s co-star on Two and a Half Men has come out of the closet … as a Troll! Sheen pegged him right when he accused him of being a troll during his recent and ongoing uber public meltdown.

Jon has not called me. He’s a turncoat, a traitor, a troll. … Is it going to take me calling him a ‘traitor, juvenile and scared’ for him to get it?

Waaa, waaaaa, waaaaa.

So Jon Cryer appeared on Conan O’Brien last night to let the world know how offensive the troll accusation is to him, because, well, he IS a troll.

Those words were really painful to me, for many reasons. Not the least of which is…um…I’m sorry, this is really hard for me. I can’t even believe I’m saying this. The fact is, I AM a troll.

The video below is a must-see of Jon Cryer telling Charlie Sheen ‘I AM a troll’.

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