Gallagher Collapsed During Show: Recovering From Minor Heart Attack (Video)

Comedian Gallagher collapsed during his show in Minnesota last night and is now recovering from what is being described as a minor heart attack in a local hospital.


Gallagher is the pop comedian who is best known for smashing watermelons and other messy food items with a big sledge hammer and drenching the first few rows of his audience in sticky, messy, yuck. I didn’t know he was still doing shows, but that’s just me and I obviously was wrong about that. His full name is Leo Anthony Gallagher.

Thursday night the 64-year-old comedian collapsed during a performance at the Whiskey Bone’s Roadhouse in Rochester, Minnesota. He is said to have been complaining of shortness of breath and pain in his left arm.

He was taken to a local hospital where he is expected to stay while he is recovering from a minor heart attack. He was scheduled to do shows in Illinois over the weekend, but those shows have been canceled.

You can watch a news report about Gallagher collapsing during his show in the video below.

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