Eminem: ‘Letter to Detroit’ Video

Eminem has penned another ‘Letter to Detroit’. You can watch the powerful video that is Eminem’s ode to his home city below.

Eminem Letter to Detroit

Eminem gave homage to Detroit in the Chrysler Super Bowl ad and now has written an open letter to the city. He narrates the video below with his prose. He doesn’t rap, he speaks it. The video is a tribute to Detroit made up of a montage of landmarks and people of Detroit.

Its probably one of the best morale boosters out there right now for the Motor City, that is currently in the midst of some pretty hard times.

There doesn’t seem to be any known motivation for Eminem making this effort, except his love for his hometown. Watch the video below.

‘Stay up, Detroit.’

Eminem: ‘Letter to Detroit’ – Video
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