Charlie Sheen Meltdown Update: Charlie Sheen Sells Rant Tour Tickets In 18 Minutes Flat

Incredible as it may seem, embattled actor Charlie Sheen has actually sold out tickets to some of vague anti-TWO AND A HALF MEN firing rant show in Chicago and Detroit in just 18 minutes. The actor claims that $1 million will be donated to the Japan earthquake relief effort. The events are disturbingly entitled “My Violent Torpedo Of Truth/Death Is Not An Option Show”, which really say doesn’t anything much other than Sheen being both real angry and real crazy.

It’s amazing that people want to actually hear a crazy rant show. It’s amazing that people actually want to pay money for this. At some point aren’t most normal people going to get tired of watching some angry crazed substance induced meltdown of a celebrity?

Of all of the recent observations about Charlie Sheen, perhaps David Letterman had one of the most astute. Letterman noted that Sheen has been appearing on just about every TV show but his own.

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