Breaking News: Japan Nuke Plant Explosion (Video)

There has been an explosion at Japan’s Fukushima Nuclear Plant, also known as Fukushima Daiichi. That nuke plant as well as others were damaged in the enormous 9.1 magnitude earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan on Friday. The video below shows a white vapor rising from the plant.

Fukushima Nuke Plant Explosion

Every since the hugh earthquake hit Japan yesterday there have been concerns about the nuclear plants that were damaged, especially the Fukushima Daiichi plant as the cooling system and other fail-safes were damaged in the quake and subsequent tsunami.

The worse of those fears seem to be happening.

In just the last hour there was an explosion at Fukushima plant No. 1 resulting in a white vapor escaping from the building. Worse, the housing for the nuclear reactor was blown away and the ceiling crumbled. Workers at the plant have been injured and taken to the hospital. Radioactivity in the area is 20 times the normal level.

The Fukushima plant is 150 miles north of Tokyo in the town of Futaba. Japanese authorities have expanded the evacuations around both the no. 1 and no. 2 nuke plants. Already there have been 45,000 people evacuated from the area around the Fukushima no. 1 plant and thousands more from the area around the Fukushima no. 2 plant.

Japan’s Nuclear Safety Agency is still evaluating the situation.

Kyodo News agency is reporting that they ‘may be experiencing nuclear meltdown’.

This is just a horrible catastrophe on top of the suffering already caused by one of the largest earthquakes and tsunamis in history. Now the people of Japan have to worry about the high possibility of a 3-mile-island type situation on top of everything else.

You can watch the videos below for more information and pictures of the Japan nuke plant explosion aftermath.

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