Charlie Sheen Meltdown Update: Sheen’s Contract Dispute And New Feud With Jon Cryer

Embattled actor Charlie Sheen is now claiming that he has a “Michael J. Fox clause” in his TWO AND A HALF MEN contract with Warner Bros. , where they have to pay him his nearly $2 million an episode salary regardless of whether he appears in the show or not. Warner Bros. claims just the opposite, that they have the right to fire him for due cause. Very likely lawyers and courts will have to settle this huge contract dispute.

Strangely, it was Charlie Sheen who replaced Michael J. Fox on his set of the hit ABC comedy SPIN CITY after Fox became too ill with Parkinson’s Disease to continue work on the program. Fox was in the first four seasons of the show, but as his illness worsened, Charlie Sheen took over the male lead in the show for season five and six. The show suffered a big ratings loss in the final two years, dropping from #33 in the ratings with Fox as lead actor, to #56 & #78 with Sheen as lead before being canceled.

It will be interesting whether Warner Bros. and Sheen can resolve this huge difference of opinion without a court battle. My best guess is no. Look for the legal fireworks kids!

As much news as this is, Sheen made more news for opening up a new public feud with fellow actor Jon Cryer. Cryer has claimed that he has attempted to make contact with Sheen since the big news that he was being booted from the show. However, Sheen claims just the opposite, calling Cryer a “troll” and other derogatory terms. Sheen claims the other cast members “aren’t trolls” because they’ve reached out to him recently.

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