Prince William, Kate Middleton First Official Appearance in North Wales (Photos)

Prince William and Kate Middleton performed their first official appearance together in North Wales. They celebrated the dedication of an RNLI lifeboat in Anglesey, North Wales. See photos of the event below.

Prince William and Kate Middleton

Hundreds of royal watchers and well-wishers came out to be spectators in the first official appearance of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Just a little over a month before their wedding they showed up in Anglesey, North Wales on February 24th to celebrate the christening of ‘Hereford Endeavour’, a FNLI lifeboat.

The couple seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely as they sang ‘God Save the Queen’ and the Welsh national anthem ‘Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau’ (‘Land of My Fathers’).

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Prince William spoke to the crowd saying that he would do the talking while his fiancée did the fun ‘bit’, christening the boat in champagne. And that’s just how it played out.

Kate was lovely in a cream-colored knee-length coat and dark scarf. Her long hair was pulled back in tresses although it was hard to tell at times due to the high winds. She wore a hat piece worn to the side.

According to a Buckingham Palace spokesperson, the couple had decided to have their first joint appearance in Anglesey as that is where they plan to live after their wedding on April 29th.

Enjoy the photos below of Prince William and Kate Middleton in their first official appearance in North Wales.

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