KNUCKLEHEAD is a surprisingly funny interesting offensive little trash comedy. While almost universally torn apart by the critics, this film had me laughing at how outrageous it really was. 7 foot 485lb. wrestling star Paul Donald Wight, Jr. who is better known as The Big Show is surprisingly funny here in a really stupid role in this outrageous story of a down on his luck con man heavily in debt to a bookie who hires the gentle giant to solve his problems.

This isn’t high art here, kids. You might even groan a little that I can even recommend something like this. But, this second attempt at film-making by the WWE is a lot better than many critics will lead you to believe. Sometimes you can a little bit of a gem in the trash, and this wacky little film is about as close as you might come. It’s a pure popcorn trash comedy that worth a viewing for a few laughs.

The Bottom Line: An unbelievably bad idea for a film makes for a half ways enjoyable night of comic viewing. ++1/2 (Two and a half stars, or a little better than fair. So horrible it’s sort of good).

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