Charlie Sheen: Sheen’s Korner Show is Winning! (Video)

Charlie Sheen

Capitalizing on his sudden surge of super-stardom, Charlie Sheen has started his own web-cam show, Sheen’s Korner. The tag line is ‘You’re Either in Sheen’s Korner or you’re with the trolls’. He dubbed the debut his ‘maiden madcap experiment’.

Meet Charlie Sheen’s Goddesses.

In his hour-long debut episode, which you can see below, Sheen unveiled a new tattoo, gave a shout-out to his kids and read a poem he wrote. He also slammed critics who have public said he is behaving as though he’s bi-polar, ‘I’m not bi-polar, I’m bi-winning.’

Report: Charlie Sheen, Bree Olson Do Vegas.

You have to admit, Charlie Sheen knows how to take publicity and make the most of it. I guess that’s #winning! It probably also has something to do with the Tiger Blood and Adonis DNA, don’t cha know.

Enjoy the Charlie Sheen Sheen’s Korner show video below.

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