Big Time Sissyass Stuff: Georgia Parents Pimp Their Daughter To Make Used Minivan Payments

Well, of all the recent big time sissyass moments this one really takes the cake. Everyone knows what a fine vehicle those 1998 Dodge Caravan minivans are. Those are a vehicle that dreams are made of for sure. Who hasn’t spent all day dreaming of tooling around in one of those beautiful vehicles? And you also know what a piece of crap many used car dealers are.

Well guess what, Georgia law enforcement authorities discovered an awful car payment plan that involved the couple’s 14-year-old daughter being traded for sex with the old used car salesman in exchange for the $281 a month car payments. Now, wait a minute! The child’s welfare and well being were being traded for the car payments on some lousy used minivan? WTF! There has to a be a special place in Hell for people that do stuff like that.

Naturally, the parents and car salesman were all arrested and only recently convicted of being terrible human beings. Both the father, 39 and the car salesman, 67, were recently sentenced to ten years in prison, if not daily anal rape from other inmates as additional punishment who will be totally outraged at their sick scheme to make the car payments by exploiting the young girl. The mother, 37, was sentenced to eight years in prison.

Well, here’s to those folks in Georgia for hatching their sick little scheme to pay for some crappy minivan by trading their daughter to some old used car salesman for the payments. That’s one hell of a twisted scheme and thinking. Just when you think an all-time Big Time Sissyass Stuff champ has been crowned, a new one comes along and knocks them right off the top.

(BTW-While this isn’t the exact same 1998 minivan in question, it’s a pretty good example of what fine transportation we’re looking at here).

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