Taylor Momsen Rocks Goth for NYC Coffee Walk (Photos)

Taylor Momsen was out in New York City this morning not looking a whole lot different than she does when she’s performing, except she didn’t have on any make-up or pants. Well, not wearing pants wasn’t that unusual. Check out her photos below.

Taylor Momsen

Taylor Momsen Rocks Goth for NYC Coffee Walk

After a sold-out show in New York City last night, Taylor Momsen took a stroll in the city for this morning. With coffee in one hand and a cross between the fingers of her other hand, she strolled the city streets in some extreme Gothic-style boots.

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She was wearing her trademark ripped black stockings with garters, an over-sized t-shirt, leather jacket and no pants. The over-sized t-shirt managed to cover anything that might have otherwise been hanging out and her over-sized sunglasses managed to cover the absence of her usual raccoon-eyed make-up.

Enjoy more photos of Taylor Momsen rocking Goth in NYC this morning below.

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