Lady Gaga Fashion Debut Photos: Does Catwalk in Paris for Thierry Mugler

Lady Gaga walked the catwalk in Paris for the Thierry Mugler fall and winter 2012 ready-to-wear collection. You can see the photos from her debut as a fashion model below.

Lady Gaga

If you want to garner publicity for your fashion show then there might not be anything better you can do than to get Lady Gaga to jump up on the catwalk part-way through the show and start putting on a performance in your creations like only she can do. Snarling, growling, bumping, grinding, blowing billows of smoke around herself and strutting (without falling) in sky-high platform shoes.

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All of this happened in Paris for the Thierry Mugler collection of fall and winter 2012 ready-to wear. The line was designed by Sebastien Peigne. Apparently, the new Mugler creative director Nicola Formichetti decided to add some pizazz to the show and succeeded.

You can read more about the Paris fashion show and Lady Gaga’s performance here. Apparently, it was a tour de force is Gaga-ness.

Below you can see some Lady Gaga fashion debut photos from the catwalk in Paris.


UPDATE: Watch the video of Lady Gaga’s catwalk debut below.



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