Katie Holmes Suing STAR Magazine Over Misleading Headline Story

Lawyers for Katie Holmes have filed a $50 million dollar lawsuit against the STAR Magazine after it ran a front page feature intended to mislead readers into believing that the actress wife of Tom Cruise has a drug problem. It turns out that the story doesn’t really address drugs at all, but instead talks about an E-meter device that scientologists use that has been the subject of FDA problems because of allegations that Scientologists practice medicine without a license with the device which they claim can cure most mental illness and other problems.

While many Scientologists use the E-meter, the STAR really stepped out on their own to claim that Katie Holmes has an addiction problem to it, or in misleading readers into believing that the actress might possibly be abusing drugs. It was pretty irresponsible journalism at it’s worst.

There were responsible ways for the STAR to do a story about the E-meter that Scientologists use, however for the sake of duping the public to buy their magazine, the magazine misled to create purchases by using shocking headlines about Katie Holmes. That’s playing dirty.

Magazine circulation as a whole continues to suffer because of the economy and the Internet. But, the STAR found an unethical way to attempt to boost their circulation here.

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  • Yellow journalism? lol

  • Paul Hooson

    Hello, Liz. Scientologists may be foolish for spending $1600 for what appears to be nothing more than a voltmeter that measures electrical resistance in the body, yet the STAR has no business to falsely align Katie Holmes with drug abuse just to boost sales. This is an absolutely terrible story.

    • I agree Paul! That IS what they do though. Its all about the headline and pulling people in to buy the paper.